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Fire Starter Pack: These Are The Leaves In Our Neighborhood

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Our powerful little wax & sawdust fire starters are the toastiest gift of the season! Each of our fire starters represents a leaf from a tree that you might find on a Baltimore city street. Sugar maple, American elm, white oak, eastern redbud, river birch, and sweet gum are featured in this pack. We hand-carve each leaf design in wood, and we use those carvings to cast our fire starters and share these little versions of our favorite city leaves with you. We take sawdust and shavings from our woodshop and mix in melted wax to create these powerful little leaves that will help you light a fire -- rain or shine. Please use responsibly. Before lighting, make sure your fire starter is in a fire-safe space, such as a fire pit or fireplace. Ignite the exposed shavings on the back of the leaf. Once lit, the entire leaf will catch fire & burn for about 10 min. Great for campfires, fireplaces, and more.

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