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    • 20 Oct 2021
    • 6:00 PM
    • 17 Nov 2021
    • 9:00 PM
    • A Workshop of Our Own, 1780 Union Ave, Baltimore MD 21211
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    This multi-week, evening class introduces students to the woodshop and fundamentals of wood furniture making. Students will begin with rough lumber and build a small coffee table or side table, start to finish.  This is a small class size of four students total, allowing for in-depth instructor attention.

    Students will explore wood as a material and learn about how its grain and cellular structure impacts their designs from technical and aesthetic viewpoints. The class includes significant training on our machines, with a focus on best practices and how the tools work for you.

    This class meets Tuesday & Wednesday nights. 

    Class Schedule:

    Wed Oct 20: 6-9pm

    Tues Oct 26: 6-9pm
    Wed Oct 27: 6-9pm

    Tues Nov 02: 6-9pm
    Wed Nov 03: 6-9pm

    Tues Nov 09: 6-9pm

    Wed Nov 10: 6-9pm

    Tues Nov 16: 6-9pm
    Nov 17: 6-9pm

    Tuition: $640 (non members), $575 (members)

    Tuition includes 27 hours of instruction, project storage for the duration of the class, photos of your finished pieces, and the cost of materials (wood, glue, finish, hardware.)

    No prerequisites

    Four (4) students maximum.

    WOO is a non-profit safe space for training underrepresented genders in our field. As such, enrollment is limited to non-binary, trans, and woman-identifying folks over the age of 18.

    Sarah Marriage, WOO's founder, is a maker of fine furniture and other wooden objects. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Sarah studied architecture at Princeton University and fine woodworking at The College of the Redwoods (now The Krenov School). She has taught at The Krenov School, Penland School of Craft, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Sarah's work has shown at galleries and trade shows across the US, including Dwell on Design in Los Angeles, ICFF in New York, and Pritam & Eames Gallery in East Hampton, NY.

    You can see more images of her work at her website sarahmarriage.com or on instagram @sarah_marriage

    • 28 Oct 2021
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • via ZOOM

    Starting a tool collection can be daunting and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be!  In this class students will learn how to search for, buy, and restore old tools.

    The instructor will share tips and tricks for finding and purchasing old but redeemable tools. She will show you how to negotiate your way through the swaths of over priced items on ebay and how to tell a pile of rust from a diamond in the rough. She will also go over how to clean, de-rust, and remake missing parts for an eggbeater drill and a handsaw and demonstrate her processes for making them look and work like new.

    All skill levels welcome. No prerequisites. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection!

    WOO is a non-profit safe space for training underrepresented genders in our field. As such, enrollment is limited to non-binary, trans, and woman-identifying folks over the age of 18.

    All class times are in U.S. Eastern Time.

    Eleanor Ingrid Rose is a craft based sculpture artist and a toolmaker. She has an MFA in Wood from UW-Madison and works alongside Stacy Motte in their collaborative project Ladies Who Wood. She has been collecting and making tools for over a decade because when she graduated from undergrad she had no way to continue her art practice. Both refurbishing and ground up toolmaking quickly became two of her favorite things to do.

    See more images of their/her work below, or by visiting her instagram @off_artisan or @ladieswhowood

    • 14 Nov 2021
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • via ZOOM
    • 49

    THIS IS A VIRTUAL CLASS VIA ZOOM.  (Class time is listed in Eastern Time zone.)

    Learn the craft of making Taiwanese pith flowers with materials made from the plant Tetrapanax papyrifer ( tōngcǎo 蓪草) .

    In this class we will learn how to make realistic and colorful Cherry Blossoms. We will study the anatomy of the flower and recreate them using pith paper. A brief history about the importance of pith flowers in Chinese and Taiwanese history will be covered at the beginning of class.

    The nearly 2000-year-old craft of making artificial pith flowers plays an important role in the cultural history of Taiwan and is vulnerable to being lost. Currently, there is only one practicing pith “paper” craftsperson in Taiwan and only a few pith flower making experts left. Right now, a revival is being championed by the Taiwan Tong Cao Association, an organization dedicated to researching tōngcǎo and all uses related to the plant (which is not limited to just traditional flower making). Irene assists this effort by sharing the art of making flowers with others in America as well as documenting the work of people who are essential to the survival of the plant and craft in Taiwan. She works regularly with Taiwanese craftspeople, artists, wood scientists, conservationists, herbalists and art historians who all volunteer their spare time to this revival.

    All skill levels welcome. No prerequisites. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection!

    WOO is a non-profit safe space for training underrepresented genders in our field. As such, enrollment is limited to non-binary, trans, and/or woman-identifying people over the age of 18.

    If you’d like to work along with us at home you can buy a kit for this class, by picking either a member or non-member registration titled CLASS WITH KIT MATERIALS.

    Kits are available for purchase from now until Friday October 29th.

    **PLEASE ALLOW 1-2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY OUTSIDE BALTIMORE.  Baltimore-area orders will be delivered by WOO volunteers by the class date.**

    Materials included in the KIT:

    •     5 sheet equivalent of pink pith paper
    •     1 sheet equivalent of yellow pith paper
    •     One 1”x2” sheet of green pith paper
    •     Two- three sheets of green kozo paper
    •     Container of ground pith pollen
    •     Glue bottle
    •     Mini spray bottle 
    •     Neoprene foam 
    •     Styrofoam 
    •     Floss pick 
    •     Green and brown flower tape
    •     Green wire
    •     Rock candy stick (flower molding tool)
    •     Business card

    No prerequisites, all skills level welcome.  All you need to follow along at home is a KIT, a computer, and a good internet connection!

    Irene Wei is a pith flower maker and furniture designer whose work is deeply rooted in community and culture.
    Irene received her BFA in Furniture Design and a Concentration in Nature Culture Sustainability Studies from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has previously worked as a woodworking instructor at a maker space where she also made furniture on commission. In 2019, she was an Emerging Artist winner at the Philadelphia Furniture Show.
    Outside of Irene’s furniture practice she runs Pith Flower Shop– a passion project meant to educate people about the importance plant Tetrapanax papyrifer ( tōngcǎo 蓪草) for its uses in Taiwanese traditional flower making. All flowers sold through the site go directly toward funding her research on this subject which has been supported by the RISD Maharam STEAM Fellowship and the Fulbright Research Fellowship.

    See more images of her furniture and design work on her instagram @irene.lin.wei and website irenewei.com And find more images of Pith Flowers on instagram @pith.flower.shop and the website pithflowershop.com

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