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Who is eligible to take workshops at WOO?

Unless otherwise specified, enrollment in workshops at WOO is limited to woman-identifying and nonbinary people over the age of 18.

What do we mean when we say “woman-identifying and nonbinary people”?

We know that gender is not a binary, and we welcome cis women, trans women, non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender queer, agender, any woman-identifying people, as well as trans men. We are not in the business of policing anyone’s gender, and we ask that students simply consider their own eligibility before registering for a class. If you are unfamiliar with the words used here, we recommend checking out this glossary created by PFLAG for more information.

What about men?

Unless otherwise specified, WOO classes are not for men. The exception to this is for trans men. We recognize that trans men often experience hostile work and learning environments and because of this, we extend our safe space to include trans men. We are not in the business of policing anyone’s gender, and we ask that students simply and honestly consider their own eligibility before registering for a class.

Why are WOO’s classes only for non-binary, trans, and woman-identifying people? Aren’t you being exclusionary? Why are you putting up walls?

2016 US Census data show that women represent only 2% of workers in hands-on carpentry and woodworking occupations. The exclusionary walls are already there. We are simply pointing them out and cultivating a space, both physical and virtual, to support and train people who have been historically excluded due to gender; to create a place where we are woodworkers, without the stress and stigma of being “other.” At WOO we strive to quite literally provide a workshop of our own, centering the voices and experiences of women and non-binary people.

From WOO to You Virtual Programming

How do I register for a virtual class?

You can browse our current virtual and in-person class offerings and register here.

I registered for a class: where’s the zoom link?

When you register for a workshop, you will receive a payment confirmation and an email with your registration information and the zoom link to your workshop. If you don’t see this email, be sure to check your spam folders. If you use Gmail, it may be in your “promotions” folder. To ensure that WOO emails don’t end up in your spam folders, add to your contacts.

Will students have access to a recording of the workshop?

Yes! All registered students in a From WOO to You class will receive 30-day access to a recording of their class. Students must register for the class in advance. At this time, we do not sell access to recordings of past classes.

When will I receive access to the recording of the class?

About one week after the date of the workshop, students will receive an email with a link to the recording and any student handouts that go with the class.

Where does my tuition money go?

WOO pays your instructor! Additionally, tuition fees go toward paying all the different internet service fees and subscriptions that go into running an online school, admin costs, and toward supporting our in-person woodshop here in Baltimore.


What’s the point of membership, if I can just take classes as a non-member?

Class discounts! And the satisfaction of supporting WOO as a concept and as a physical space. You'll also get a member newsletter from time to time, plus access to member-only events and first looks at some of our class offerings!

I don’t live in Baltimore, can I be a member?

Of course! Our members live all over the globe.

About WOO

Is WOO a 501(c)3 non-profit?

WOO is a fiscally sponsored non-profit partner of Fusion Partnerships, Inc. This means that your donations are tax deductible.

Have other questions that aren’t covered here?

Contact WOO:

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